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Monday, June 14, 2010


Yes I'm upbeat and feel like a little celebration today. Any specific to celebrate? Not so much. Just celebrating being with my family. It's nice to have some normal days and not be so caught up in the turmoil and worry that seems to take up our lives. So today I am celebrating nothing, normalacy.
Nickolas is doing well, we went to the doctor  (regular check-up and shots). He is 22lbs, 1 oz! Time to upgrade the car seat.
We've got Nickolas a new chair from physio. It's called a corner chair and is meant to let Nickolas sit, but also get his hands free so he can play with toys. It kind of looks like he's sitting behind a big business desk, and he can sit behind it and make plans for Ruling the World! (evil laugh). Katheryn likes it as a place to put her dvd player. It is on loan from Bloorview Kids for as long as we need it.
This just shows an example of how we spend our day. Katheryn tries to jump from as high as she can get (the top of the couch) and Nickolas watches and laughs at what she is doing.


  1. I love that Tshirt -- where did you get it?
    Congrats on how much you have raised so far -- that is AMAZING!!!
    We were just at Bloorview on Friday and got some great news. Jake is on a new medicine that will help him stay continent a little better. We may be able to get him out of pull ups and just wearing a liner - pretty exciting stuff for us
    Do you guys see Dr Church and Julia L'Abbé

  2. I got the t-shirt from Cafe-Press, they have alot of spina bifida awareness stuff. I also have a shirt he's wearing for the walk that says "This is what Spina Bifida Looks like"
    YAY Jake! We see Dr Church and Julia in July, but I've been emailing Julie with a bunch of poop questions (the joys of solid food)