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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Walk!!!!

From Left to right - Kyle, Gwenda, Laura, Michael, Lisa, Amanda, Nickolas, Cheryl, Marie, Shannen and in strollers Katheryn and Nickolas (the others stayed off camera)
We had our Spirit Wheel Walk Run yesterday. And raised over $2400!!!! I still have more donations coming in, and won't have a final amount until the beginning of July. To say that I am surprised and flabbergasted by all the support we have received would be an understatement. Our goal had been $1000 and 10 walkers and we ended with 12 adult walkers and 4 kids in strollers.
Thank you to our walkers:
Amanda, Kyle, Katheryn and Nickolas Ridding, Gwenda, Michael, and Laura Bartley, Marie, Shannen and Madison Ridding, Lisa Aubertin, Cheryl Parsons, Mike and Devon McDonald and Andrea and Zivah Smith. My father Gord Bartley decided to sprain his knee 2 days before the walk and wasn't able to make it. Katheryn, Nickolas, Madison and Zivah were our junior walks, but enjoyed the ride in the strollers.

We walked along the Durham lakeshore, from Liverpool pier to Rotary Park in Ajax, and then turned around and walked back. The weather was.... interesting. It was hot and sticky, but nicer once we got a breeze from the lake, and then it rained off and on, but usually just enough to cool us down and put on rain jackets, before needing to take them off again. Afterwards we went to my parents for a party and the sun was out and we relaxed by the pool. And had a couple of dips as well (sometimes as a result of a couple of bear hugs).

So this is the kid we are walking for? He was wearing his shirt that says This is what Spina Bifida Looks Like. And he smiled and blew bubbles the whole way!

Sister Katheryn is celebrating the walk with the rest of us - with her lei's and pinecones.

I'm already thinking about how we can do this for next year! (I think doubling the walkers and the amount raised is a start)


  1. So awesome!! Congrats on such a success!

  2. Congrats, you guys did an awesome job and raised so much money. I think maybe putting our 2 walks together somehow would be fantastic