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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We have ROLLING!!

Finally after alot of work and enticement, Nickolas decided to grace us with rolling over.
I explained to him that rolling over was very important, and he was starting to make his mommy worried. Also Kingsley (a fellow baby with spina bifida) has already rolled over and he is younger! So after much consideration, Nickolas decided to give it a try!

Seriously though. YAY!!!!!!!

Nickolas is a bit of a bigger kid, has some extra padding that he needs to haul over (but I love all his rolls and dimples). He also has a huge scar on his back! It goes all the way over to one side, and with the scar comes a scar to muscles which means that he is starting from a negative to get strength and control of his trunk. This is physio paying off.

This was all I got and then PSYCHE! Back up - but he did it off-camera


  1. YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Go Nickolas! Rolling buddies! :) What an awesome week for our boys!!