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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm blessed with such happy children!

Yes I'm blessed! I don't know how, but Kyle and I make really happy kids!

That is a blessing because sometimes I'm not too happy, some days I'm just really grumpy. I don't really want to be the mom that is yelling, but sometimes I'm ready to blow my top. But then I need to take a deep breath, and smile at my kids. Becuase we really are blessed to have them.
Some days I'm just really stressed. Wanting to get things done, have a clean house, healthy meals, time to myself, time taking pictures, time blogging and/or writing in my journal (I do both), time fundrasing, time with each child, reading time, physio time, family time, driving time and relaxing time. There isn't enough time in the day, and I'm really trying to concentrate on what is important and ignore the rest. Well, you can only ignore a dirty kitchen for so long until that makes its way to the top of the to do list.

Ah well, we are where we are. And I'm actually glad to be where I am. With 2 happy kids.
I don't know if I'm mentioned, but now that Nickolas is smiling and happy and laughing (omg that belly laugh!) Kyle and I look at each other and say "This is the child the doctors wanted us to terminate".  Maybe wanted us, is a little strong, then again maybe it isn't.
This happy go lucky child who just loves everything and flashes a huge smile when he sees you. Who hardly ever cries (except during physio or when he's hungry) and especially loves his sister.


  1. I struggle with the same thing...it's hard to ignore the laundry, the dust, the cooking. It can be overwhelming to try and do everything and then we feel like we aren't paying enough attention to our kids. Us moms can be really hard on ourselves sometimes. You do have beautiful kids!

  2. I think about that 'offer' to terminate all the time. Insanity! If they could only have a crystal ball and see these kids! Happy and gorgeous!

    But, you're right. There never will be enough time in the day! ;)