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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Motoring Along!

I really think it is time for an update. I find that recently I've been writing about stuff without giving a proper update. So I spent the last couple of days taking pictures of all of the great and new things that Nickolas is doing.
We STILL have not been picked up again for Grandview physio. In the middle of May I called and talked to the head PT person and was told who our new PT would be. I called and talked to her, she said that we would start in June, we just couldn't schedule anything yet, we were waiting for one person to get back from vacation.
Suddenly I turn around and it's practically the middle of June. Have we started at Grandview? Have I heard from Grandview? I called last week - she's on vacation. And I JUST heard back, we has an assessment June 24. (Picked up in May/June - don't make me laugh! Sorry is my bitterness showing?)
But that's ok, once we found out it would still be a couple of weeks in May, we got ourselves a private physio.
We are doing work, we have plans, we have progress. Nick is working hard and we are working hard with him! Katheryn especially is taking an interest in what he is doing!

And Nick LOVES showing off for us now!
He is rocking the lie to sit now! And he's doing great at kneeling!

Even no hand kneeling!

And this is just showing off!

He's actually started to do this all by himself now! We come into the room and there he is kneeling.
Nick isn't showing any interest in stepping. Except he likes playing in his car, and we caught him trying to make it move forward!

We went to visit my sister's new house and Nick LOVED the stairs! He didn't up them, but really liked to make mommy excited that he was trying!

I'm sure he's going to show off more great stuff this week, but I really wanted to get an update out there!
One thing though. We had his 18 month check up (yes at 19 months) and he hasn't gained any weight since January. He has a great appetite and eats like a horse! We are hoping that it is because he is much more active. But we'll go back for another weight check in the summer!

We have a plan, we are keeping the private physio through the summer. We are getting a move on and see what Nick can show off. I'm feeling good about it! But I'm ready to sit down and have a serious discussion about our plans and goals.
Hope I don't come off as the over-bearing, demanding mother. Wait a second, maybe I do!


  1. Isn't overbearing and demanding in the face of agencies that want to skirt thier responsibilities ot clients what we moms are supposed to do???

    I am SEETHING MAD at the State of CA right now that has cut all of Nat's OT and PT services... and I am not exactly being quiet about it either...

    N looks great and like he is having fun, that is great :)

  2. What a little mischief maker he's going to be! You can see that look in his eye - once he learns to climb those stairs - watch out! :) Hope you can get his therapy going again soon - that is so frustrating. :( But it looks like Nick is still working hard even if THEY aren't! Go Nick! And fyi Jet didn't gain weight from a year to 18 months either -and he only gained a pound or so since then - the doc didn't seemed worried since he's still on the curve and proportionate to his height. So hopefully all is well! Wish I had that problem - no gaining weight! lol. Glad to have the update! :)

  3. How fantastic!! You keep showing off, little man! I am so impressed with all the things he is doing! GO NICK!! I hope Grandview gets their act together soon.