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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A New cousin!

The kids have a new cousin, and I have a new niece!
I have got to be there when all of my nieces and nephews have been born, and as a L&D nurse, I see babies born every day. The birth of my own family members is always special and I have been honored to be involved with all of them.

This one was different. My stubborn and headstrong sister knew what she wanted and I got to be there to support her and strengthen her and learn from her. As she had my niece in a planned home birth.
I had been very hesitant about a home birth from the beginning, I know everything that can happen when a baby is born, but after going to all of my sisters midwife appointments with her, talking with the midwives that I work with I felt better and started to get excited about seeing a home birth.

And it went perfect.
Baby Gwenevere born just past midnight.

I got to take lots of pictures during labour for my sister. All of which I cannot post here. But they are beautiful and show the strength and determination that is within my sister. And I am so incredibly proud of her.

The kids were very excited to be able to visit baby Gwenevere a couple of days later. And we have been talking and practicing about how to hold babies.

Nick was a little nervous

But Katheryn was excited and was great with holding him (not necessarily so great when she was done holding her, but that is what swaddling is for)

I got to have some more baby snuggles.

After the initial holding of the baby, the shine wore off and the kids wanted to play with Jeremy.

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