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Friday, May 1, 2015

More Renovations

Kyle was busy while we were in Florida.
We came home to a couple of ramps all ready for Nick!

One was a ramp over the step in our family room, so Nick doesn't have to step down, but can bring his walker in directly.

The other thing he did made this little boy very happy!

He made a ramp into the backyard.
So Nick can access our backyard without any help!

It is a little bit steep (all of these pictures were taken right in a row) and we had Katheryn at the bottom to catch him

But he was so excited!

Nick says "I can go into the backyard all by myself!"

Here is our updated wish list:
  • Open up the entry way into the family, taking down the half wall
  • Make a ramp into the family room (needed some space to do this first)
  • Make a ramp (or something) into the backyard
  • Take out the front hall closet in the foyer. 
  • Put handrails on the walls up the stairs 
  • Put a doorway from our front hall into the garage
  • Add a platform in the garage
  • Get a porch lift and install it inside the garage

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