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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pool and then home ... day 7

Today was our last day in Florida.
We got a afternoon flight, so that meant we had time to spend in the pool!

Nick really liked that he could walk in the water

And float

Nick liked watching Katheryn on the slide, but was afraid to do it himself

After a lot of coaching and watching Katheryn do the smallest slide...
Nick "decided" that he would do a slide
(Look at his face, he was really nervous)

I got him all ready at the top

And then he was off!

He thought it was great!

And actually wanted to do it again!

After a dozen or so slides it was back into the pool

Katheryn is much more comfortable underwater

But pretty soon it was time to dry off, dry our wet clothes (on the car roof) and get something to eat before heading to the airport.
We did have a quick trip to the arcade, where of course there was a Ninja turtle game
Katheryn won some fake teeth that she didn't want to take off

We had lots of snacks, reading and waiting while we were at the airport.

And it was night before we took off.
Lots of sugar, blue teeth and pjs are perfect for a airplane ride home.

Nick slept through the whole ride

Katheryn woke up when we landed again and wanted pictures of lots of different stuff.
The airplane we had just gotten off of

A display of luggage

And a dino exhibit

And then we were home.
The kids were very excited to see their daddy and tell them what a great time they had! And of course they are already planning when we go back

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