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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Birthday Party

Katheryn had her birthday party this weekend.
She had a number of choices and picked Neb's Fun World and bowling. (She originally wanted swimming like Nick's party, but I didn't feel comfortable watching kids I don't know in the pool.) It was my first... I mean Katheryn's first... friend birthday party.

So she picked 5 friends from school (which turned into 9 friends from school) and family and friends and we had 16 kids for bowling. We had 3 lanes and so divided everyone up.

Family stayed in one lane and then friends were in the other 2 lanes. We had girl friends and boy friends and there were some friends who didn't want to play together (my first clue that there might be drama)

I assigned adults to every lane. One parent stayed and everyone else dropped their child off. It wasn't until the last parent asked about leaving a phone number that I realized that if anything happened to any of the children I had no way to get a hold of anyone.
I also had my list to keep track of who was there, and then cross kids off after they got picked up.

I was in charge of the girl team, and the girl drama. I hadn't realized drama would start at such an early age (thinking more teens). But we had tears and it's not fair and she won't let her and she's not sharing. I think that I did well with the drama and everyone had fun.

Because it was a girl and boy party I also had girl themed and boy themed loot bags (and left overs for Nick's party in November).

Katheryn had a great 7th Birthday! And smiles all day

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