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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our family on CHEX

A couple months ago our local Easter Seals chapter was asking for volunteers to participate in the upcoming Easter Seals Telethon. It was a general email, I got one last year, but Nick was too shy and so we didn't sign up.
This year I talked to Nick about it (it would means talking to a stranger and being on TV). And he said yes.

So we signed up for 2 sessions in the telethon this Sunday. I was contacted as well to see if we would be interested in doing an interview with CHEX TV as a special interest piece. I asked Nick and he said yes.

Our house continues to be a bit of a mess with our renovations (and having 2 kids and 1 dog in general). Someone suggested the school as a venue for the interview.

I left it to last minute (waaay most last minute than I realized right before Easter weekend). But we were able to get permission for filming from Cambell Children's School and Grandview Children Centre.

I tried to prepare the kids ahead of time about Easter Seals. Nick doesn't remember camp at all, (he was 3) and so we looked over my blog posts from 2013 and the pictures.
Day 1     Day 2     Day 3     Day 4     Day 5     Day 6

When everyone arrived Nick was in speech therapy in his stander. So we got a couple of shots of him doing speech therapy.

Then it was interview time. Campbell's did set aside a room for us, but the hallways are so bright and cheerful we filmed in the hall instead (making sure there were no kids in view). And we tried not to disrupt the school very much.

I got to wear a microphone as we talked. Kyle and the kids stayed nearby. Nick and Katheryn ran around in the hallway while the cameraman (?Paul) filmed some scenes.
I wasn't sure what questions Caley, the interviewer, would ask, and so I didn't prepare at all.
I had sent her some information about our family, spina bifida and Nickolas in general as well as some pictures and my blog link. It was very comfortable and not stressful, we did 2 takes of the scene in the hallway because in the background we accidentally may have gotten a picture of some kids.

I wanted to be realistic, positive and also provide information about spina bifida. I think I am much better in writing. It wasn't until until I watched the show later on that I realized I said that spina bifida happens at 12 weeks gestation (which is wrong, it is really 4-6 weeks). And on the fly I thought about saying something about folic acid. But didn't.

The kids in Nick's class went out for recess and so we moved the interview to the classroom. And it was time for the kids. Nick was nervous and in the final they did alot of editing. He gave a fair amount of blank stares to her questions (how did you like camp, what do you like to do in school, what do you want to do in camp this year?), but of course once Ninja Turtles are mentioned he perked up.
Katheryn rocked it of course. We weren't sure if we should let her play hooky from school, but it was perfect that she had the opportunity to be there. And it makes her feel special too.

In the end it took 1 hour of filming and was fun for everyone. A positive experience that will hopefully be repeated on Sunday's Telethon.

The show aired that night. And they spread out the 4 scenes through the whole show. Our parts are at 1:40, 3:10, 19:13 and 34:10. I didn't give enough notice to family (I wasn't sure myself when it would air) so they missed it. But luckily they post it on youtube as well.

Of course we PVR'd it, and watched it live. The kids were not that excited to see themselves on TV. They actually were more excited today when I was watching it on my phone.

I am so happy that we had this opportunity. Not just to show off my own beautiful family, but to raise some awareness and positivity about Easter Seals, spina bifida and also Campbell Children's School

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Here is the video all peiced together as well:

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