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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hoppy Birthday

Katheryn had a special 7th birthday today. It fell on Easter Sunday. So it was sharing the special-ness of Katheryn's birthday with an Easter Egg hunt for both of them.

So that tricky Easter Bunny hid all of Katheryn's presents around her room. She was very excited

Nick got into the fun as well and was right into the action while Katheryn opened her presents.

Everything kind of stopped once Katheryn opened her big present. A DS3. It was attached to her for the rest of the day

Then it was Easter Egg hunting.
Katheryn made up a note for the Easter Bunny asking if all of the eggs can be paired together. One for Katheryn and one for Nickolas.

 Katheryn is an Easter egg hunting machine! Nick is significantly slower, so it evens it out for everyone.

We have Katheryn's birthday party next weekend, but wanted to do something special for her. So we headed off to the zoo

She told everyone we saw that it was her birthday and she was 7 today. And she had a big Princess Birthday pin.

The zoo wasn't that busy, considering it was a holiday. There was a scavenger hunt set up by the zoo to visit different animals and get stickers.

We had to visit the polar bears, which is an old time favorite of Katheryn.

Nick liked the sea otter ("just like Marlene" from Penguins of Madagascar)

My favorite was the Komodo Dragon. We waited to see if it would start to breathe fire, but it didn't. The kids were not convinced that it was an actual dragon.

We got together for some photos.

And there was a Parks Rec beaver mascot for pictures.

After the zoo we went back to the house for an inpromtu party.
Complete with some purple hair chalk!

I didn't take any pictures, but we had family come over for a pizza party and cake.

Katheryn had a great birthday! (And the both enjoyed their Easter)
(Easter Sunday doesn't fall on Katheryn's birthday again until she is 18 years old, so I am glad that we made it special)

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