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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Seals Telethon

It was the Easter Seals Telethon this weekend and we had the opportunity to participate!

We are in the Durham and Kawartha Lakes Easter Seals jurisdiction and part of Peterborough Easter Seals. Last year during Easter Seals there was a request sent out asking for anyone interested in talking about their experience during the Telethon. Nick was not interested last year and was nervous.
This year when the same request went out, I talked to Nick about it and he was interested. So we said yes. In the lead up to the Telethon we had the CHEX interview, and we also had 2 interview slots for the Telethon.

The day of the telethon Kyle wasn’t able to come, so it was the kids and me. We watched the telethon on TV for a little bit until it was time to go. I had the kids all ready in their Easter Seals shirts for Woodeden.

 I wasn't really sure what to expect, which is why we watched some first. And I hoped that Nick would do some talking. The host was great, she talked with Nick first and connected with him about Ninja Turtles.

We had a couple of minutes with her before we were live on air. I did most of the talking and we also did a shout-out to Kyle who was at home

It was very interesting to see behind-the-scenes of a tv production.

And to see what we had watched on our tv and what it looked like in real life.
Our second interview was here, right in the middle, with all the bright lights and cameras on us.

The kids had fun in the kitchen. That was our base.
They had a garage area, but it was loud and cold and neither kid wanted to be in there.

We also spent a lot of time walking (and running) in the halls. And Nick charmed everyone but pretty much running everywhere. He didn't knock anyone over, and everyone was impressed with how he moves in his walker.

We also got to meet a new friend.
One of the Easter Seals ambassadors was another boy, Aidan, born with spina bifida. We got to see his story and his interview with her mom (that I have met before and know online) and family. I think that it helped for both kids to see there are families just like ours.
Aidan was so well spoken and it was funny that both boys were dressed the same (with different camp names). 

Nick has been feeling different lately and has been asking a lot of questions about why he pees differently and poops differently, why he has a shunt and needs a walker.
It was nice to be able to say to Nick that the boy he met was just like him. He has spina bifida, he has a tube in his belly, and pees the same way as Nick. We saw Aidan using his wheelchair, and Aidan told Nick how well he was moving in his walker.

 It was a great day out and opportunity. And I look forward to being able to go again next year! And have more camp stories to share.

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