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Monday, April 27, 2015

Hollywood Studios ... day 5

We still had lots of fun to be had at Disney.
On Monday we went to Hollywood studios. This is another place that I used all of our Fast Passes for some shows.
When I asked Nick what he wanted to do at Disney, he said he wanted to see Elsa.

So I booked For the First Time in Forever, which is a 30 minute show.Of course the place was at the far end of the park, so we raced through to get there in time (and then wait in line waiting for the show to let out)

The accessible seats were right up at the front and we had a fantastic view.

We got to take some pictures while we were waiting and the kids played while we waited for the theatre to fill up

(This is Katheryn's smiling face)

Grandma and Papa weren't really sure what Frozen was about. But they liked it too

It wasn't a whole show of the movie, but it was a fun flash back.

And a sing-along (and we all sang along)

But they missed my favorite song (Reindeers are better...)

And there was even real snow at the end!

One of the other meals that I had booked was a character meal with the Disney Jr characters. When I originally booked (in January) the kids were still watching Disney Jr. But by April, they weren't that interested, and they were easily one of the oldest kids in the room as well.
It wasn't horrible, but I'd cap the age of the kids at 4-5 if I was going to recommend it.

We used our disability access pass for the big ride at Hollywood Studios. (90 minutes)
The Toy Story Ride. It was a carnival shooting game that was also 3D

It was the same kind of games as the Toy Story wii game that we play at the cottage. Except it is a 3D ride and you shoot the bad guys and collect points.

While we were walking around the kids saw this green army man and really wanted to get his autograph and pose for a picture

We also booked the Indiana Jones show as a Fast Pass. I was really excited to see this one and so I was hoping the kids would like it too.
We had the choice to sit at the very back in the accessible seats, or sit right at the very front.

Nick picked the front (which was good for me, but too loud for him). The show is set up as a stunt show, so right off the bat you know that no one gets hurt (they are stunt-men), but of course the fire and explosions are real.

They had some of the key scenes from the first Indiana Jones. Nick didn't watch any of it. It was too loud for him and he spent the time looking into my shoulder. My suggestion (for actually most of the Hollywood Studio shows) is to have ear plugs or noise-dampening headphones. So that Nick could still have enjoyed watching the shows but not be startled with the loud noises (which is common with hydrocephalus)

One of the other things that I really wanted to do was the Star Wars ride. It was a virtual reality star-ship ride, similar to the Soarin' ride from Epcot, only Star Wars style!

There was hardly any wait, and so we went on it a couple of times. Of course the ride ends in the gift shop, so we got the kids some light sabers

For the kids... really

We got to pose on a speeder bike!

My last fast pass was for the Fantasmic show at the end of the night. There is only one show, so it was really busy. The Fast Pass did let us in earlier, but the accessble seats were all at the very back (and centre). People who arrived closer to show time didn't even get seats.

We got there as soon as the doors open (about 90 minutes early) and ate and entertained ourselves until the sun went down

It was a really long day, so some of us didn't make it

And Katheryn had some glow in the dark jewelry to play with

The Fantasmic show was Mickey Mouse with fireworks (which scared Nick) and glow in the dark characters. Nick spent most of the time sleeping anyways, but headphones would have been great.

They had all of the different princesses floating on boats on the water around the stage (in the dark, so not any great pictures). and music, Mickey fought bad characters and the dragon was really well done.

When the show was over the park was closed. So every single person who was in the show with us, was now leaving with us as well. It was really busy, but Katheryn still had her glow-in-the-dark necklace and giant mickey hat on, so we didn't lose her.

It was another great day! Busy, but full of fun for both adults and the kids.

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