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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Luggage! And Pool days 3 and 4

9am in the morning and we had luggage!
We immediately got out our bathing suits because this was a pool day!
We were spending the entire day at the Nickelodeon Hotel.

We had gone to a nearby grocery store (got lost on the way back of course) so we had some breakfast and snacks at the room.

So we lathered ourselves in sunscreen and went out to find some room by the pool.

I helped Nick go right into the pool
He wasn't all that sure about taking his walker in.

We had Nick's old braces on with swim shoes so he could walk around everywhere himself, and it protects the top of his feet from the pool bottom.

When I was in the pool with Nick a little girl came up to me and asked if Nick had spina bifida. She told me that her baby brother was just born with spina bifida as well and was at home with her mother.

There were all kind of rules posted in the pool.
No arm floaties, no food, don't  use the emergency exit door (which was right by our room), don't bring outside food, don't bring towels ect. I left Nick's floaties on and no one said anything.
And after learning that the emergency exit was used by everyone, we didn't have to walk around the whole pool and back when we went back to the room.

Katheryn did not need her floaties (and we didn't actually bring them at all). I kept a much closer eye on her, but she stayed in the shallow end and she is able to swim on her own.
The pool also have at least 5 life guards on duty in the busy pool (we found that there were 2 pool, the busy one and an adult one, the adult one is all deep, so the kids didn't like it as much).

Katheryn really liked helping Papa 'bob for apples'

But don't feel too bad for Papa, he knows how to play it up for the camera!

And he did make it home, so it's all good!

Katheryn eventually wanted to check out the slides. Which is good because she has been nervous with water slides other times we've gone to water parks.

She was a little hesitant at first

But really soon was running around

After running around she wanted to try to slide.
The little one first...

And then that was it!
She was hooked and wanted to go up the highest slide!

There are 4 slides all together, and Katheryn eventually made her way onto all of them!

Nick didn't have any desire to go on the slides, and stayed in the pool.
When I was running around with Katheryn on the slides, Grandma and Papa had pool duty

Katheryn loved the slides, just around and around and around
I didn't have to worry or watch her all the time on the slides, like I do in the pool. There are life guards everywhere. At the top of each slide and at the bottom of the slides

I did go up with Katheryn and try out some of the slides. Katheryn thought it was hilarious that I got water dumped on me!

Grandma came in the pool and played with the kids, but spent time out of the pool and relaxing as well.

After the water got too much, Papa and Nick did some mini golfing. They had a little course and just had some golf clubs and golf balls lying around for when anyone wanted to play.

When we found out that we were going to Nickelodeon Hotel, one of the things that the kids really wanted to do was to slime Papa!

They do have mass sliming, where they dump a whole bucket of slime on all of the willing participants... They do it a couple of times a day, but somehow we just kept missing it and Papa managed to go the whole week without being slimed!

After a day at the pool, the kids were so tuckered out that there was no problem getting them to sleep.
Now if only we could have stayed that way...

I had slept in the front room with the kids when they didn't want to sleep in the bunk beds. So the 3 of us slept on the pull out couch. I was going to sleep on the bunk bed by myself, but we were on the ground level and it was noisy and the kids were afraid.

Good thing I slept with them. Because at 3 am we had a wake up call.
Flashing strobe lighting and a blaring fire alarm in our hotel room! I kept bumping into things with the strobe lighting (we were in an accessible room, so I think the strobe lights were for people who were hearing impaired). But I finally got my glasses, my phone, turned on the lights, grabbed Nick's walker and both kids and left the room.
My mom kept trying to wake up my dad, but after a couple of minutes it was every man for himself!

We went across to the far side of the parking lot until we got the all clear!
Kids weren't scared or anything, we talked about how it was a fire drill just like at school (and it was actually the kids who asked us to go across the parking lot to the sidewalk).

The next day we decided to try out the quieter and more adult pool.

It was less busy, and it was also deeper. So Katheryn could do some underwater swimming

And if you have an underwater camera, you  need to take some underwater pictures!

After all of us getting some redness after the day at the pool we had all of our hats on to keep the sun off of our face.

I told the kids not to get it wet...
Good thing it only cost $2!
Really it was pretty indestructible!

After lunch (and a little meet and greet) we switched back to the kiddy pool
Katheryn was all for jumping right in!

And Nick just wanted to have fun!

After already spending the day before, they knew what they wanted.
Nick didn't really like going under the rain part, but when we dragged him in, he still had fun!

Nick and Katheryn did some walking together.
The water gave Nick enough support that he could walk by himself.
Nick had his swimming braces on to protect and support his legs (even if they did weigh him down a bit)

Katheryn really liked that her and Nick could walk and hold hands and they kept doing it over and over again!

A great couple of days at the pool!

Of course our 2 pool days we did do some other really fun things!
They deserved their own blog post though...

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