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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Sammie, Resting in Peace

In 2006 Kyle and I started our life together, bought our house and once we got grass we brought home our first baby.

Samwise, our Sammie was a Bernese Mountain Dog, which met both of our requirements; a big dog and good with children. And Sammie gave us both for almost 10 years. Yesterday, our Sammie left us very suddenly and very peacefully. He went out into the backyard and never came back, and we found him lying in his favorite spot.

Sammie was a gentle giant. He didn't actually realize that he was a big dog. He thought he was a lap dog and would climb up wherever you are.

 Sammie loves sitting on your feet. When anyone came to the door he would jump up at the door until they came in. Then he would swing his bum around (taking you out in the knees) so he could sit at your feet and look up at you.

He also had excited pees. And he was always excited to see you when you got home. So as soon as you got home you couldn't touch him (or he'd get excited and pee) you had to put him straight out. And once he came in you could give him all the love!

He did get into a fair amount of trouble. Including eating our wall. Not just once or twice. I think I patched it up 3 or 4 times before I just left it half eaten until he grew out of that stage.

Sammie also was used to the comforts of life. Not only did he get up on the couch, but he also required pillows. When he was starting to get arthritis and had difficulty getting up from the floor, we got him his own dog bed, but he didn't like it and never used it.

Once Katheryn came home Sammie fell in love and became her big furry protector.

And Katheryn loved him. She wanted to be everywhere he was.

Her favorite thing was the climb all over him

And when Nick came along, he just added one more to his fold.

When Rory first joined our family, Sam wasn't too sure about her.

But Rory brought a new bounce to his step and she tried to be as close as Sam would let her be. She is missing her buddy.

The kids are upset, Katheryn as the oldest is understanding death more. And they understand they won't see Sammie again, but we can talk about him and remember him.
We found one of the kids old stuffed toys of Sammie and put his collar on him. We got a name tag printed as well and Katheryn hasn't let the stuffed Sammie go. She has brought it to school and carries it around with her, and even sleeps with him.

Sammie gave us almost 10 years as a loving and loyal dog. He loved his other family dogs. He was a beautiful dog and we have a huge hole in our hearts.


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