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Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter and Recess

Winter started in full force when the kids returned from winter break. There was snow and ice and it was cold. Often Nick will come home and tell me about his recess and who he played with and what they did.
The first week of January he didn't have any stories. He just said he stayed inside.
Trying to ask Nick about why he didn't go out for recess he said he didn't know, and then it was that there was snow, or the gate wasn't plowed.
I spent some time back and forth with his teacher about why he wasn't going outside for recess. I was upset that he might be excluded from normal school activities like recess.

 There were a number of different reasons. First is the time of getting him ready to go outside takes longer than the other kids and it cuts into school time. Second is that they are worried about him falling on the ice. Third is that he gets cold easily

After discussing I understand. I don't want him missing classroom time to get ready, on top of his cath time. So he will be going outside with has classmates at lunchtime recess and for the short recesses he will stay inside and get to pick a friend to play with him.
I did say that if they are worried about the ice and his walker, then he can go outside with his wheelchair. As well instead of getting his snow pants on, he could cover himself with a blanket and sit in his wheelchair.

We will see what we end up with. But I want to hear more stories about his friends.

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