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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Starting 2016!

We brought in the new year with lots of fun in the snow!

It has been a great annual tradition to go up to the cottage and celebrate New Years (Kyle and the kids started without me, because I had to work New Years this year).

This year it was perfect snow for some sledding.
Nick would go down the hill on a thin sled, and then we would pull him up with a second sled

Rory had fun chasing the kids down the hill.

Sam spent his time just barking at the kids sliding down!


Nick spent more time out in the snow this year than he has in the past. But he does get cold faster (between sitting on the snow and not moving around that much). He uses his walker in the snow, but usually just waited at the top of the hill until it was his turn again

The kids were very excited when I said that I wanted to try. And Katheryn wanted some terrified pictures

Don't let all the snow fool you though. The lake isn't anywhere close to being frozen!

On our last night the kids wanted to do some night sledding
But it was really dark at the end of the run

They had some snow ball fights

And we had a fire (but no marshmallows)

And I enjoyed my own New Years celebration in the snow

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