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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Botox Day

Nick had his botox today. So it was back into the operating room. But really, I have been trying to use the language "procedure".

We actually had an afternoon appointment this time. So we spent some time waiting and distracting Nick from him empty tummy

When it was time to be checked out by the nurse Nick was very serious.

Pretty soon it was time to get ready and go in! We were actually an hour early

We got some funny faces before heading inside.
I got to go with him, and be with him until he was asleep. He started to get nervous with the mask on his face (which we have practiced). But no tears before he was asleep and I left.

It took about an hour. Kyle and I went to do some window shopping and eat lunch. And we were just on our way back up when we got the call that he was done.
Dr Lorenzo came out and talked with us. He did do the deflux, but isn't sure whether it will stay or not.
Nick was beginning to wake up when we got into the recovery room. He sucked back his drink and woke up really well and pretty soon it was time to head out.

Nick wasn't very happy when we were leaving, but not pain. Just grumpiness. He really wanted to eat some fried macaroni and cheese. But we didn't think that was such a great post-anesthetic meal.

Now we just have to wait and see how it works!

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