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Monday, February 29, 2016

Beaver Buggies

It was Beaver Buggy time again!
Nick has really been enjoying Beavers this year

Nick did the whole night with his crutches!
He has been getting so much more comfortable with them. And there was a lot of kids around. He was worried about being bumped into and falling, but he was able to stay on his feet the whole night

And he was all over the place

Nick was also much more involved in the crafts they had than he was last year.

He made a star wars car with a paperclip and some thimble wheels

After the crafts it was time to race
Nicks Buggy is the brown with the blue car, was all ready for the races!

It was also the fastest car!
Nick won ever single race he was in!

It was another fun night at Beavers!

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