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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Neurosurgery Update

We had our neurosurgery appointment.
This was the review the results from the MRI appointment.
It was an early appointment, which is good, considering we are getting a snow storm

I had thought that everything was ok. Nick has been moving great with his crutches and has really been improving with these. The concern I had in August, which prompted the MRI, was still there, as he continued to need the increased bracing.
But he has gotten stronger. So what I expected was that the MRI would show tethered cord and even though he needed increased bracing, his symptoms didn't really seem to be getting worse.
So that is what I expected. And that part did happen.

But something else unexpected was also on the MRI. Nick has a cyst on his spine. Dr Rutka asked some questions about how his function was, but all I could think of was how well he is doing with his crutches. I couldn't think of any questions at all.
We are going to watch for signs of loss of function and follow up again in 6 months.
He said often treatment is to drain the cyst, but it could redevelop.
Because we are not there yet, we didn't really talk about treatment.
It was actually an extremely quick appointment

We didn't want to get stuck in the snow storm (which had already started by the time we left) so after a quick visit to the Disney Store we were back on our way to Union Station.
Nick may have had a tiring day

After a couple of mishaps, and missing one train because the elevator wasn't working. And having 4 different GO Train employees working to get us up onto track level we were on our way home.

Nick and I decided to treat ourselves to some lunch. After being in the wheelchair for the entire morning Nick wanted to use his crutches. (While my mind is still racing about the cyst)

Nick was very cheerful and enjoying his day off.
And he liked showing off his SB&H shirt. (Because we are all Strong, and we are all Brave and we are all Human)

He wanted to take some pictures of me as well

I haven't posted about this for a while. Kind of the thinking that if I don't write about it, it will go away and not be true. But then I look at Nick and see the boy in front of me.
But lesson learned. No more going to appointments to talk about test results by myself. You think I would have learned that lesson (when I was downtown all by myself when we got the spina bifida diagnosis).

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