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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Girls Night Out

I thought that Katheryn was old enough share a passion of mine. Musical Theatre.
I love going to the theatre and the more musical the better.

So for Christmas I got Katheryn tickets to see Beauty and the Beast!
She had to wait 2 1/2 months, but finally the night came
Katheryn was very, very excited for a girls night out

Katheryn really wanted to wear her a Belle dress. Her old dress was waay too short for her. So when Nick and I went to the Disney store earlier in the week for his appointment, we got Katheryn her beautiful Belle dress. (And I wore gold to match her)

Katheryn was excited to be going downtown for fun as well. The streets were all still covered in snow and slush, but she was really good with holding her dress up and not getting it dirty at all.

We went down with a friend from work and went out for dinner. Katheryn loved the mustache glasses!

And what is your first trip to live theatre without some kind of memorabilia. So Katheryn got a Belle crown to match her dress.

I was actually surprised that she was the only kid I saw who was dressed like a princess. She got lots and lots of compliments.

We got to sit waaay in the back of the theatre. She couldn't wear her crown (of course) at the theatre to prevent the couple of people behind us from seeing, and she understood when I explained it like that (if only adults understood that as well). At first I was telling Katheryn to sit back and sit still. But then I realized there were lots of kids at the show, it was a Disney musical of course, and the seats were deep.

She had a great time at the theatre and can't wait to go to another show!
And it was really nice to have some quality girls time with Katheryn and me

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