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Monday, March 28, 2016

Zoo fun!

We hadn't been to the zoo for a while, and our membership was running out. So the kids and I decided to go and visit the zoo!

Our original plan was the visit all of the new babies (panda bears, polar bears, white lions and rhino). But, that seemed to have been all of the other families plan as well.

So we went to visit some of the other animals

The kids liked the crocodile (or was it an alligator)

They wanted to get a close-up view

Katheryn liked running around and climbing on everything, even if we didn't see a lot of animals

To end the day we got to ride on the carousel. Nick wanted to try one of the up and down rides. But he didn't like it. The next time we went around he went in the turtle that is the wheelchair accessible one.

Another fun day out!

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