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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


We started another block of physiotherapy last month.
I wanted to work on gaining strength and confidence in his crutches as well as improving his independent walking. (He took those first couple of independent steps in November, but hasn't been able to take any more since the end of December).

So we have been working on some leg strengthening exercises with weights.
Kicking forward

And working on the back of his leg muscles, kicking backwards.
It is hard work for him, and you can tell he is twisting and turning and try to cheat. But he still does it

And we did some walking on the treadmill. Which he liked doing, but was afraid of at first.

All of this working on his legs makes him very tired.
The first week we did physio he was full of attitude and didn't want to do anything but play. But over the last couple of weeks he has fallen into the routine and working hard.

Nick has been walking around Grandview with his crutches and we have timed him so that we can get an idea of how he is improving.

This has been our first physiotherapy specific session since he left Campbell's. I am glad that he has these specific sessions to work on specific skills. And I can see him getting stronger!

I have talked to Lindsay, our physio about what we learned last week about the cyst on Nick's spine. It is never very far from  my mind. Having these sessions will help to measure a change over time as well.


  1. There is an explanation to Nick's attitude at first. In life we usually get a bit reluctant in venturing into something new. Nick's initial reaction to physiotherapy is understandable. I find walking on treadmill and kicking forward and backwards crucial in making sure that Nick walks without any difficulty. Consistency in these exercises will see Nick come out able to walk without straining.

    Alberto Lawrence @ Institute Of Sport

  2. Good that he has such a great attitude. People often focus on doctors and nurses and physiotherapists but it also helps to examine the attitudes of kids who need physiotherapy. Those who benefit from it are real fighters. They channel a lot of their energy into making strides, with the encouragement of their loved ones and adults all around them.

    Emmett Fletcher @ CK Physio