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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Birthday Party!

Katheryn has been looking forward to her birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese
Apparently she put it to a vote in her class. The choices she gave were Disney Cruise, Great Wolf Lodge or Chuck-e-Cheese. The class voted for the Disney Cruise, but Kyle and I vetoed all of the other choices.

This is the Birthday Girl showing off her new nails... Rainbow of course.

Katheryn got to invite 10 friends from school.
I was much more organized with this friend party then I was the last party. I had a list and wrote down contact information for parents who left.

We had containers of coins that I gave to every kid and then paired them up to just go wild (with an adult). And that is what they did.

The only thing with this, is that instead of everything having fun together, they had fun with their partner. But the important thing is that everyone did have fun.

We came back for some pizza and birthday cake (Rainbow of course)
They had the Chuck-e-Cheese character come out, but Katheryn didn't want to have anything to do with him.

She also had a ticket grabber. Pretty much she get put in this wind tunnel with tickets and tries to grab as many as she can

She wasn't too sure about it

And I was really glad she had pants under the dress.
But she had fun in the end

Because we had lots of fun, we didn't have time to open any of the presents before everyone left. I'm not sure if this is how people are doing it anymore, but we have been to other parties like this.

Katheryn was very thankful for all of her presents. (And yes we made her pose for this picture)

And even though Kyle complains a lot about my picture taking. He still goes the extra step to take some shots!

And now she has to get started on her thank you cards

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