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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Physiotherapy Fun

Nick has been doing physiotherapy every week. And has been working really hard at it. Gaining strength and walking on his crutches. (We had to give up the goal of independent steps, he isn't as stable as he was in November). But we have goals for speed with his crutches and working on stairs and balance standing.

Because he has been working so hard today he got a treat.

Anyone who knows Nick, knows that one of his passions is Ninja Turtles. Yes he is also loving Avengers and Star Wars. But Ninja Turtles is his first love.
Well Lindsay, our physiotherapist, has experience with martial arts and has all of their weapons.

And she brought in her sai's today.

Nick thought that this was the best physio session ever!

He worked on independent standing, with his hands above his head, with the weight of the sai's.
And he didn't even know that he was working

She also taught him some of how to use the sai

Even though it looks like he is playing with something sharp, they aren't actually sharp. And while they do have weight to them, I will admit that the fighting pictures were posed.

And hey, he is a boy having fun
On days like today I shake my head and remember how he cried and screamed for every physio session for years! Now he has fun and is full of attitude

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