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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Playing Hockey!

Nick signed up for sledge hockey today.
Kyle wasn't able to be there because of car issues, and so I tried my best to get him all set up. (I have never, ever played hockey, just watched it)
He is all ready to get on the ice!

Nick had fun on the ice, he says it is easier to move on the ice then on the pavement (with sledge roller hockey, like at Easter Seals Camp)

I showed Kyle the video afterwards and he was asking me what he was wearing.
I told him I had snow pants on him, and then all of the padding and helmet that was in his hockey bag. What was the problem?

Apparently the padding is supposed to go underneath his clothes, and there was a white hockey jersey to go over everything. And he had large hockey socks to keep his legs warm.
Hmm. Well, that's now how I got him dressed.
But at least he had fun!

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