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Sunday, September 18, 2016

World Cup of Hockey

Nick was called earlier this week by Easter Seals to invite him to the World Cup of Hockey game.
It was the same Sunday as Sledge Hockey registration so we had to plan our time carefully to be able to participate in both.

Not only did we get to go and see the hockey game (Sweden vs Russia), in a private box! But it was all donated for Easter Seals kids by Eric Lindros and Bachly construction
The kids also got autographed Lindros jerseys, Oshawa Generals hats and flags

The private box was amazing. I've never been in a private box. There were 8 kids and parents, along with everyones equipment and Easter Seals people and it wasn't crowded at all.

Along the ice there were stadium seats, and then seats up along a bar.

Nick and I had talked about who we were going to cheer for, Sweden or Russia. In the end we decided on Sweden (good choice, because they won)

We had a good view of the game

Nick is not the biggest hockey fan, but he liked watching

It was a long day, so he did need to have some resting time during the game (so the couch came in handy)

After the chocolate and ice cream came out, Nick woke up a bit

And he went back to watching the game
(I love this picture)

We found out that in the box beside us, there were some NHL players, Mats Sundin, Daniel Alfredson and Nikolas Lindstrom. Mats Sundin, of course being the most famous for Toronto fans. One of the parents had ridden in the elevator up with him.
Well Mats Sundin ended up coming over to our box during an intermission and posed for some pictures, and then he said "do you want me to get the other guys" and of course everyone said yes. So he got the other 2 guys to come and pose for some pictures.
The kids thought it was neat, the parents thought it was Amazing!
(And Mats Sundin is very tall)

You can see how close the boxes are, it was like we were right beside them!

Nick had fun walking around and stretching his legs. He actually liked watching the game on the TV in the box more than on the ice. And I told him this experience is not how we typically will watch a hockey game

We haven't been to any of the other Easter Seals events (other than camp). It was a fun event with other kids and families. I was happy we got invited, and we have met some of the other kids before.

It was a great time!
Our team won, we got the meet some hockey players, watch a hockey game, meet other families and just have a great day out!
Kyle was very, very jealous when I told him we got to meet Mats Sundin. We had talked about who would go as the one parent, but he said I should go because I do a lot of the stuff with Nick.

As a Thank You Nick also wrote a letter to Mr Lindros and Mr Bachly for letting us stay in the box and for Nick to go to his first hockey game!
I had wanted to include something about the game in each Thank You letter, so we didn't write it until afterwards (and of course include pictures)

Dear Mr Lindros
Thank you for letting me go to my first hockey  game. I cheered for Sweden and they won!
My favorite part was watching the goals.
Thank You for the Oshawa Generals stuff. I like in Oshawa
Nick Ridding

Dear Mr Bachly
Thank you for letting me go to my first hockey game in your suite. I liked being higher.
I cheered for Sweden and they won!! I had a lot of fun!
Thank you
Nickolas Ridding

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