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Monday, October 24, 2016

Darth-Nickolas' Tie Fighter

After we completed the Death Star Nick reminded me that he wanted a tie-fighter for school. After spending days and days on the Death Star there was no way I was sending it to school (and I don't know if it would fit on the bus, and I didn't trust anyone else to get it on and off the chair).
I told Nick if we had enough time I would make the tie-fighter. I figured it would b easy, I just needed some black foam board and duct tape.

I got 3 black foam boards from the dollar store. I cut 1 board in half, and then sliced the other 2 so that they folded.

I balanced the middle board on a toilet paper rolls and then duct taped it on the angle (the angles are the same on both wings) and taped the last half on the same angle.


I needed a way to fit it onto the walker, and make it easy for Nick and the teachers to get them on and off.  I am always looking for things that we have around the house. This was an expandable gutter-extender. You know the things that you put on the end of the drain, to direct where the water will go?
Well we had 2 of them and they were perfect to fit on the walker.

I cut it to fit on the handles and then I had Velcro to make it stay on the walker.

It worked out well. But when Nick went to a Beavers Halloween party, I found that it wasn't making it the completely right place. So I added some wire to the front wheel and middle of the bottom braces so that I won't slide off.

I added some more duct tape, and an Empire symbol to both sides and it was complete!

I did it all in an afternoon, and now Nick will have a walker costume for school.

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