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Monday, October 24, 2016

Sledge Hockey

Nick has been playing sledge hockey for a couple of weeks now.
Every Sunday for 2 hours he goes on the ice and learns how to play.
Every week he gets a little better. The rest of the kids just zip along the ice, but Nick is still learning to move himself.

We come out to watch nd cheer him on (and Grandma Ridding came out this week)

Katheryn likes to be right up and close to the ice watching.

This week we got to watch a game that the intermediate league played. And after the game then Nick got out on the ice for his practice.
This week Nick also got his own hockey jersey!


He isn't zooming around the ice yet, but he is getting better. I wish there was a way to get him out more, maybe we ca borrow his sledge for some public skating? Once he is better at moving himself, he can work on hockey skills.
But he does like passing the puck back and forth under his sledge.

He is so proud of himself that he is playing hockey!

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