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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ice Queen

When we were talking about Halloween I told Katheryn she could be anything she wanted.
And she wanted to be Elsa again. But this time, instead of Elsa at the cornation, she wanted to be Ice Queen Elsa.
And she wanted to shoot snow

The first step was for her to find a dress she liked.
Ebay is my go-to place for options regarding Halloween. Especially when we started looking in September (because shipping can take up to 6 weeks)

And she wanted to Elsa wig.
When it first came, it was and Katheryn put it on, she said it looked like a mad scientist!
I looked at the picture, and her hair is a little crazy. So I got some clips to try to tame it a bit

Then I had to figure out how to shoot snow.
A co-worker came up with the idea of the webshooter
We painted everything white, and the webshooter is able to shoot water as well. And it worked pretty well. We painted the spiderweb at the side with blue to match her dress.

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