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Monday, November 21, 2016

Its getting colder

It's getting colder and we had our first snow fall.

The dogs are loving it!

Out came all of our winter coats and hats
And our rosy cheeks and red noses

 Along with cold weather, we need to start coving up Nick's legs
I have a blanket that we have been using. But it isn't waterproof and really I wanted something like snowpants, but in a chair.

I found something that I liked, but everywhere I looked it cost so much for shipping and handling, or it wouldn't ship to Canada.
Originally I was going to buy from amazon.ca but for $45 and then another $15 S&H I thought I could probably sew what I wanted myself with an old pair of snowpants.

I kept finding the same picture over and over again of what I wanted (I think). In a violet colour (for some reason this is the stock picture). But it is available in a navy blue as well.
Everywhere I looked for different prices and S&H were the same thing. Hardly any variation, some were fleece lined, some were not. Some covered higher up and some didn't (this one only covers the lap). And they were all from the UK.
It is a brand called Sheerlines

Sheerlines Cuckoo Children's Waterproof Wheelchair Fleece Leg Cover - Violet Image

Why Canada, with all of our snow, doesn't have any supplies of a leg cover for wheelchairs, I don't know. But they don't. Apparently this one variation is enough.

Finally after looking and looking, I found this website:


It is a company in the UK. And this fleece lined leg cover cost £21.53 (which is about $35 Canadian). And only $5 Canadian for shipping and handling.
They have the Cuckoo version which is the lap cover.
And the Wagtail version which covers up to the neck and has sleeves for the arm (this is  £41.68)
And a Woodpecker Warmer, which goes up the back of the chair, but zips at the front (this one cost £40.56, which is why I didn't get it)
And a Kittiwake version which is like a rain jacket for a wheelchair user
Here is a link to the Sheerlines children's products: http://www.sheerlines.co.uk/children-39-s-range/cat_5.html

I ordered the Cuckoo version (in blue) and I hope that it will work well.
I'm hoping that it will come before the next snowfall and I'm excited to have something!

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