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Friday, November 25, 2016

Katheryn's heart

When Katheryn had her yearly doctors appointment this year,  her doctor said that he heard a heart murmur. I had never been told this before, so we wanted to get it checked out.

She saw a pediatric Cardiologist today. Dr Beaulieu, and he was so excellent with her!
Her described everything to her with pictures and videos and explained to Katheryn exactly what was normal in her heart and what a murmur (her murmur) was.

I was able to take a video of the ultrasound that they did to her heart.
And then Katheryn and I put together the video clips and some pictures into a video so Katheryn could show it to her Brownie group (and get a Brownie badge STEM)

Katheryn's murmur is called a musical murmur and is completely benign (not a medical problem).

It is caused by a couple of extra tendons in the left ventricle (the large 'room' in the heart). As the blood flows through the heart, it produces an extra sound. Dr Beaulieu described it as being a sound similar to when the wind blows over electrical lines or branches in the trees.

 So it is not a problem at all and will go away as she gets older.

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