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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Our dogs

Family picture time!

We are so lucky with these dogs!

Rory is still a puppy, about 18 months old. And she doesn't run, she hops. We affectionately call her bouncy ball because that is what she does. She bounces!

Rory also has her own bed, her own toys and is very excited (overly excited) when someone comes into the house. But she doesn't jump at the door. When someone knocks on the door, she runs to the door and then quietly sits and waits

Chuva is now 5. And she has stolen my heart.... And she knows it.
Chuva we affectionately call cannon ball because she will push through anything in her way to do what she wants to do. Sometimes it is the children, or tables or chairs. She loves leaning against you because she loves you.

She loves the children. And is very protective of the family and the house. She is not quiet when someone is at the door and barks aggressively at anyone who is at the door. (We are working on this).

 If I'm on the couch, this is usually how I end up

 Actually, more like this...

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