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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sledge Hockey - getting back out there

Nick had sledge hockey again today.
He had been off the ice for about a month, and even though we had brought the sledge home, and planned to go skating as a family, we didn't get out.

Leading up to hockey practice Nick was so upset, he was crying.
"I don't want to go".

We told him that he had to go. We talked about why he didn't want to go, and he said he didn't like hockey anymore.
He was crying up until we got him on the ice.

And then he was all smiles.
I was a little hesitant to make him go, but I am glad that I did. He had a lot of fun and I could see him getting stronger on the ice.
I wish we had more time to get him out there more and get him stronger on his sledge.
Hopefully we will all get some family skating time.

Katheryn likes watching hockey, and we have said that we might be able to get her into sledge hockey next year. Nick actually does better (and shows off) when she is on the ice with him.

We went out for dinner afterwards. Katheryn decided she wanted to dress up!

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