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Friday, January 13, 2017

My blog

I have been battling with the direction of my blog for a while.
Both the time needed to properly keep it up to date, the reason for writing, if I even have an audience, and also the privacy of my children and the fact that Nick is getting older and might not want his medical stuff shared online.

I love my blog (even though I haven't been spending a lot of time on it lately). I am always looking for things that would be helpful.I say that I want to blog less and less, but then when I go through my pictures I want to talk about all of it. I want to keep that memory. And I think that is why I want to blog. For myself. As a way to keep my memories alive.

Otherwise, I just have a folder full of pictures and no context.

Do I need to blog about family and every day stuff? Sometimes yes. Sometimes it is looking back at the every day that I see a change.
But then I also want to keep medical stuff private. But why am I talking about spina bifida if not about the medical stuff.

I could make my blog private, but the whole point is for people who have received the spina bifida diagnosis, or people who are looking to see what spina bifida looks like. To find this blog. To normalize spina bifida. And it comes with some medical challenges.

I don’t want my kids photographs to be stolen and used illegally or for some kind of porn website (and I made some changes to help prevent this).
I don’t want to kids to come at me in a couple of years accusing me of embarrassing them and breaking their privacy. And then I hear from families who have gone to my blog or I see if posted somewhere, and I think this is why I do this.

I left my blog for almost 2 months. The last post was about new braces. 7 ½ years of blogging and I end with new braces?! No.

So I am still not sure what I am going to do. I am working to update over the last 2 months. So I guess that means right now I’m going to keep going.

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