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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Years Cottage Fun!

Every year we go to the cottage and have lots of cold-snow fun!
And this year was no different

Nick was enjoying the snow more than other years

And the dogs were in love!

In fact, they dogs spent most of their time outside. It didn't matter if it was snowing and they got covered in snow. They both loved the snow!

Of course the humans loved the snow as well.

The snow wasn't that great for sledding (the sleds wouldn't go down the hill) but it was good for making snowmen

We tried getting Nick's crutches in the snow, but he really just wanted to crawl, or be pulled in the sled

Katheryn and I made a snowman!

It was a bit windy on New Years night.
The snowman had a party and was doing the limbo!

Nick enjoys the snow, but loved the hot chocolate and cuddles when it was time to go in!

We had brought all of our skating stuff to go skating, but I was sick our whole time away and we didn't go.

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