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Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Sick Days

Just when I think that we are on a streak of good health...
Nick decides to throw me a for a loop.

He caught the stomach flu. So my baby that never, ever throws up decided to freak mommy out by throwing up all day.
And yes, shunt watch came into effect the moment he started to throw up. Out came the measuring tape, fontanel soft (I am so glad that hasn't closed over yet), eyes fine, lethargy/irritability nothing unexpected with the flu.

Routine, medicines and any type of physio or work went out the window. Any appointments or reasons to leave the house were cancelled or ignored. Katheryn ran wild and couldn't figure out why I didn't want her playing or touching her baby brother. I carried around alcohol wash so that I could disinfect anything that had vomit on it.

Nickolas is not a juice drinker. He hates water or anything that is not milk. And giving any type of milk product to a child that is vomiting. Not a great idea. But I knew I had to keep him hydrated. I tried different juices, different mixtures, apple sauce. Anything! And I was still keeping shunt in the back of my mind.
Whoever would have thought that the stomach flu would be on the top of a wish list!

 The next day Nick slept alot, didn't look very happy when he was awake. But kept what little food he felt like eating down. He didn't want to eat very much. Not even his banana! His most favorite food to eat!
Shunt worries continued, but head measurement and fontanel still checked out. And everything else.
Sometimes normal baby sickness happens. It's not like we live in a bubble!

Every time I thought about taking him somewhere, Doctor, urgent care clinic, Emerg, he perked up and we decided to wait. Because really I felt they would tell me it was a virus, keep him hydrated and he'll get over it. And I can do that without dressing everyone, dragging them out into doctors offices and waiting for hours to be seen.

OK, so no one wants to hear the run down of being sick. I'm sure you've been there. Katheryn caught it Saturday.
Nick took a couple of days (4) to really bounce back. By Saturday I got a smile, by Sunday he was 75% better. But then his output was starting to get lousy, because he was still refusing to drink. Friday I got him pedialite that he just barely tolerated. And he really hated me shoving a syringe in his mouth and making him drink that way.  I think he was hitting his minimum output, but that was it.
Now looking at his fontanel - was is sunken? Did he produce tears? Was his mouth dry?

And the round of worry started again. Gastro, dehydration, shunt, UTI, constipation, diarrhea (which you'd think I'd know which one it was). Every little thing sent me into another cycle of worry.

But I think we have finally turned the corner. I've allowed Nick to drink his milk only, because that means he'll drink. We will conquer the need for water another day.

But here's hoping that the spring weather will bring more days of health than sick. Because it has been a really long time for a long run of non-sickness!


  1. Sickness is NO FUN!! Ugh, we had to go through all that with the flu, but for once I was glad that all 3 were sick at the same time, so I was pretty confident it was the flu and not shunt. Like we don't have enough to worry about! ;)

  2. See the power of positive thinking within you. God bless you