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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Age Appropriate

Age appropriate, age appropriate, age appropriate!

I don’t think I’ll get sick of hearing those words!

Occupational Therapy declared that … yes, you got it… Nick was age appropriate!

We had an assessment during Nick’s latest physio appointment. Our last block of sessions included both PT and OT and the two of them work very well together. And they both love Nick! So Sheka (our OT) likes to pop in sometimes to see how we are doing during this next block.
Nick decided to show off for her!



Taking things out, and then putting them back in the tiny holes

stacking blocks

turning pages

feeding himself

She'd ask him to do something, and he would just go ahead and do the next step!

She said we must have been practicing. Not so much, but Nick really likes doing what his sister is doing - and really LOVES showing off, and if she is colouring, or playing with lego, or doing puzzles - well then he is right there wanting to do it too!

Sometimes I wonder, sometimes thoughts get the best of me. Nick isn't all that mobile yet (army crawling only), and not saying any words. I think of Katheryn when she was 16 months old, and my niece when she was 16 months old. And Nick just seems so behind them!

But wait a sec. How is he behind them? Well, first of all he's not running around. Well yes, I can't base all of my fears on something he is not going to be age appropriate in. And so much about being, (AHHH) a toddler, is about, well... toddling. Exploring the environment, learning limits, doing things and learning.

And talking. Talking. Well, we are working on that. We are going to speech therapy group - where all the other kids are older and running around and saying a couple of words (I think). And I KNOW in my head that when Nick is doing so much in his motor skills that his speech will come. I know it in my heart that he understands and that one day he will just pop out those words "Mommy, daddy, doggy, Katheryn" - or however he short forms it, probably banana will be high on the list too. I just wish we were there now.

BUT this is about AGE APPROPRIATE!!!
And everything else will come. I know it, Nick is super smart, and happy and healthy. He has definite opinions about a bunch of things. Not the least of which - if he doesn't feel like doing it, we won't.
Stubborn, stubborn child!
But I'm sure that is age appropriate too!


  1. He is looking like such the little man! I thought age appropriate only applied to us old foggies with our aches and pains but is a universal phrase as we see.

    I know that with the love and dedication of his wonderful parents and family and playfulness of his BIG sister, that Nick will achieve all things possible for him in his world. I am always in awe of the progress you all make. Best wishes, love. Norma

  2. Yay for age appropriate!! I know you have probably heard this a million times but don't worry about the speech stuff...it will come...he will talk. Caleb was a super late talker, only 4 words at age 2 and he didn't REALLY start talking until 3 and he hasn't stopped since!

  3. I always noticed with my three that they seemed to make gains in either motor or language, but never both at the same time. Rachel could speak full sentences, but not jump or climb stairs at 20 months. Cor could run, jump, climb, hop on one foot, etc at 20 months but had barely 20 words/signs. Every time King is in the hospital or sidelined for recovery, he makes big language gains. Once we get back to motor stuff, he stalls with the communication. Hard to multi-task! ;) Nick is doing SO AMAZING!! He's not walking or running yet, but think how hard he worked at standing! His language will come.

  4. That is AWESOME! Time to celebrate age appropriately!

  5. Hooray Nick!!! Such great news to hear Amanda!
    I echo Jill's comments about motor and language, my other two were the same.

  6. I love those words too! Music to your ears! Fantastic!!