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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The W word

Our physio, Melissa, first used the W yesterday during another good PT session.
So what exactly is the ‘w’ word? Most people have guessed walk. Almost. We talked about when he will be ready for a walker. What steps we are doing to reach that goal. But we have that goal in sight!

Nick has done so much in the last month. Was it really only a month ago that he first stood up?! And now we are talking about walking!

I have had a timeline in my head. Our old PT once told me that he wouldn’t be ready until he was 3! That completely blew me away. What will he do to move around until then? He’ll just crawl or be carried? If that is the case, shouldn’t we look at alternative modes of transportation (yes – read wheelchair). But that is also going too far. What is in the middle.

I think she told me 3, so that I didn’t get my hopes up, and of course that was months ago, when he wasn’t weight bearing or anything! Try to balance reasonable expectations with possibilities. And lots of room to be surprised.

My timeline has never included the number 3. Wait until he's 3 - no way!!! Two, two years old was my goal to have a walker. But really I can have my goal, PT can have their goals. What really matters is what Nick's goals are.
I think Nick has a completely different goal in mind.

Nick has standing down pat. He pulls himself up from a seat (usually my lap because it is the right height) and he'll stand there for about 20 minutes.

We are starting on getting him moving. Baby steps.

First we shift weight back and forth.
Then we put all his favorite toys on one side or the other side, to get him to reach for them.
When he's reaching for them (and oblivious to everything else) we shift his weight to the opposite leg of where we want him to go, which takes his weight off the foot we want him to move. And we see what he will do.

This will get him cruising. After cruising we see what he will do when he's not up against the couch (just holding around his chest or hips), as if he is in his standing frame, but being held. And get him to realize that those things are the bottom of his legs are not just for holding socks!


  1. Awesome post! Standing is a HUGE milestone! Jet stood FOREVER before he started to cruise - but what a beautiful sight to see them stand up. :) Nick is doing so so well! He'll be ready for some W words before you know it!

  2. That is an amazing milestone to look forward to. He is coming so far, so fast!