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Monday, May 23, 2011

Intro to summer!

The holiday long weekend is usually a lot of fun. When I was younger it usually involved camping, lots of rain and drinking. As we got older if I wasn't working we were cottaging. Once we had our kids the may long weekend turned into our first family long weekend. Even if I was working I'd try to find a way up for at least one day.

It marks a turning point, from the cold winter and the dreary spring, to that first hint of summer, sandals, shorts and swimming. Before the AC gets started and when you want to be in the sun and not looking for some elusive shade.
The May long weekend (our Victoria Day weekend) is a glimpse into the summer to come. We've been doing the same thing for the last couple of years. We head for the cottage. Which sits on a beautiful, shallow, sandy lake, and where we are surrounded by extended family.

The first year we had Katheryn, she was about 8 weeks old. We were sooo cold, we had to pull out hats and sweaters. But we still weathered through.

The next may long weekend was when Katheryn took her first steps. And there was lots of family who got to share this experience.

Last May long weekend we had Nick. I remember it was our first trip away from home (but still 2hrs away from Sick Kids). And an opportunity to show off Nick to family - while collecting donations and spreading what spina bifida looks like. That was also a nice weekend where we got to go in the lake. Sit in the sun, try new foods (solids!!) And freak out about our constipation issues. wow has it only been a year?!

This year the lake continued to call for us. The first day I let Nick put his feet in, but thought it was still too cool to actually go in.

But we did make it completely in the lake. Nick LOVED it! He would have lived in there if he could. He kicked and he splashed and he sat up.

He also had fun with the big kid toys. The rocking horse thing, the slide, the swing.

And he got to explore the cottage. He was able to get into drawers, and the fridge! He could open doors and splash in dog dishes. Nick was able to get underfoot!!!
It was great!

And I love that I got to see the prequel for the summer to come!!!


  1. Looks like a fun trip and a great tradition!!

  2. I LOVE MAY 24!!! I love the start of summer, even if it usually doesn't feel like summer. The anticipation and knowing that there's no going back, its' coming!