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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nick's new wheels!

Nick got himself some shiny new (plastic) wheels for Easter!
It's some kind of smart trike? It's good for kids 8 months and up. It comes with a complete 5 point harness and a bar around them. As well as a parent handle, sun shade and a bar to rest their feet. It is a 3 stage system.
Nick is obviously not ready for an actual trike, but Katheryn has her trike and I really wanted something for him to be in too.
One day I was at store and saw these things!

So now he's up like a big boy, in his big-boy bike! (And mommy doesnt' have to worry about him losing balance and falling off).

Katheryn was helping him with his feet (they aren't long enough to reach the peddles yet - and I don't think he'd know what to do if they were - but there is a bar to rest his feet on).

And the parent handle maybe should be a 'Katheryn handle'. She loves pushing him around in it too!
"Nick wants his bike"

Of course Nick is already getting into some dangerous driving behavior! I think his sister is a bad influence!

Drinking and driving !

Street (Hall) racing!