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Friday, May 20, 2011

Look what I'm doing now!

OK So I've been completely MIA. And it's not going to get any better this weekend (Victoria Day Weekend - cottage time!!).
So if I promise to blog next week - will you forgive me!

In the meantime - this is Nick's newest accomplishment - pulling himself to kneeling! He did it all himself, but Kyle had to help straighten his legs.
AND we start physio again soon.
AND Nick passed his 18 month mark a very happy boy - which made me a very happy mom.
AND I have lots I want to update about (including our current shunt watch).
AND I was blessed by being part of a new spina bifida mommy's journey with the birth of her Gage!
AND things are great!

Just wanted to update quickly and bump that lousy 18 month downer post!


  1. GREAT job Nick! Such a big, strong boy! Glad all is well.

  2. Yay! Go Nick :) Good job buddy!

  3. what a little rockstar! he is looking so grown up now, so cute

  4. He looks like such a happy boy just like Landen. Landen has not mastered or even tried to get up on his knees yet but we aren't complaining.
    I have read some of your blog but as you know, it's hard to actually sit down at the computer and do something b/c your little ones are always getting into something or we are just always on the go and I never have time to sit down and read the blogs that I have bookmarked.
    I look forward to reading more about Nick and his accomplishments. Way to go Nick
    Tosh Black