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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some Spirit

This year we have been a bit lax with our Spirit Wheel Walk Run for the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario. I may have mentioned it before...

But today is the day!
The kids thought it was so cool that we were all wearing the same shirt!

We decided to try out a new location this year.
Starting at the Oshawa beach in Lakeview Park.
Somewhere to keep the kids occupied while we organize ourselves...

But not too exciting that they have a complete meltdown when it's time to go.
And of course it is a beautiful background for some pictures.

Here is our group of walkers
Thank you so much for coming out and walking with us!
Cheryl, Lisa, with Emily (broken hand and all) and Hannah
Gwenda and Gord Bartley
Jamie Mack (Laura sent her regards)
Jennifer Daviau and kids Emma and Mason - who were a big help!
Antonella and Alejandra and friend (sorry I don't have her name) with 2 month old son
of course Kyle, Amanda, Katheryn and Nickolas Ridding

Special thanks to my in-laws Marie with Shannen and Madison and Austen who helped with all the set-up, food, but weren't able to walk.

We got our family picture right before setting off.

We have a vareity of different 'rolls'
a wagon,

a wheelchair,

2 strollers,

even a scooter - but I don't have a picture.
No bikes this year.
There was lots of space to have a rest and let slower walkers to catch up

Even injured walkers did a great job!

Mostly we all stayed together

And had a chance to chat, catch up
And think how lucky we are to have each other.

Craziness and all!

The weather and the walk was beautiful
We had all sun, sun and sun!

And alot of the walk was surrounded by green and water

I recently found out that all of the trails in Oshawa are completely accessible!
Something that makes those boring summer days a little better.

We walked for over an hour and then took a bit of a breather before turning around and heading back

I even got a bit of a break from the camera - when Katheryn wanted to play photographer!

And then we were off again!

Nick got tired of his wheelchair and wanted some wagon rides

We set everything up in a little unused corner by the beach for our own picnic!
We had lots of people walk by and see our sign
Mental note for next year - definitely print out some of my information pamphlets for anyone who is interested (I say this every year)

We had a good layout of food
Nick has his favorites!

Nick had some time to walk with his walker - but no luck on the sand

We had Lake Ontario all ready and waiting for some cool down time!
Nick got brave...

Katheryn got braver!

The key a successful walk is to end ALOT dirtier than you started!

I think we were successful!

From beginning to end of our walk I think we had a great time!
We had friends and family, awareness and food.
We had wheels and feet and matching shirts.
We had fun, we had sun and even some shade when we needed it.
And it all ended with a good dip and sandcastles!

I don't have a total for what we raised, but I think it's somewhere in the $400 range.
Not nearly as well as we have done in previous years, but we certainly showed what spina bifida looks like!
If you feel like donating - http://www.canadahelps.org/CharityProfilePage.aspx?CharityID=s10136 is the site, and just pick 2012 SWWR - Nick's Cheering Squad (Ridding Family) from the pull down menu. Or of course I can take donations in person or at work - until the end of June.

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  1. Can you post a link where we can make donations please?