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Friday, June 8, 2012

The end... change is good... righ?!

2 years of going to every SB mom and baby group. Seeing Nickolas going from being the youngest, the smallest to being one of the oldest. Following how other kids Nick's age (Natalie is a month older)

And it ended this week

We had a little party and spent some time just talking.
Talking about how we wanted to continue and what we could do.

And we eventually got our acts together and took some pictures.

It was a sad day for everyone
But Nick was just really happy that there was some watermelon!

This is some of the parents, kids, staff and volunteers.
Our last baby group.

I am going with the idea that this is a good change.
This will provide us parents with the opportunity to direct our group, to maybe reach people who were unable to attend group but were still interested in the support.
We have a couple of ideas and tricks up our sleeve, and hope we can start in September with some kind of plan about how we will be able to expand our changed group and have what we need.
A couple of us have our feelers our to the SBHAO to become a more official parent group, using the facilities and faculties of Holland Bloorview as a resource.
I also went home and great a facebook group to get us started as a place to 'meet' and plan hopefully together.
I was trying to come up with a name for the group.

Because first and foremost they are our kids. And yes they have spina bifida, but they are kids first, and we are parents first.
I'm hoping that this will allow us all to connect with people that receive services at Holland Bloorview that we just didn't know was out there.

I am not sure how the link will work. But if you are reading this and you think hey! We go to Holland Bloorview for services! Then contact me on facebook and we'd love for you to join our group. I say it is for parents, but really we won't deny anyone who is interested. 

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