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Friday, June 1, 2012


I have recently found a great feature in my photo program.
Have an annoying pimple - no problem RETOUCH and it's gone.
That dirty face but beautiful smile - RETOUCH!

Sometimes I photoshop a couple of pictures together - especially when I have 2 kids that like to look and smile at the camera at different times.
I generally use the old fashioned paint program, but this retouch lets me smooth out some of the edges.

Or to put some open eyes on my sister!

But then when I was going through some of my favorite pictures I was retouching other things.
First it was one of my favorite new years pictures - a New Years kiss!

Here is the original picture. I love this picture, but the marker (even 3 weeks later) at the scar just takes away from the picture.

I was going through over 600 pictures on the computer - and these are just my favorites! To run through as a background or screen saver, so I was fixing up the colours and rotating them ect. And of course using RETOUCH to take away those pesky distractions.

That's when things took a wrong turn.
I got to this picture.
It is from last summer, look how happy they are!
(Actually Nick's shirt says my mommy is totally going to blog about this)

And I brought that little RETOUCH arrow down.

Down to that distraction. It's not a pimple, or bits of food.
That ugly, ugly belly scar. I hate it, the back one, I'm good with, but I don't like that belly scar...

And there is his beautiful tummy sans scar.
It felt wrong right away. And I immediately changed it back.

Food and pimples yes, but scars. A definite, definite no!
Scars are permanent, scars are part of who we are (the same with mole and birth marks - I don't want to retouch those).

Because I love this picture. This is my son, he is strong, he is whole, he is perfect.

I don't feel that this retouched picture is more perfect. Where is the scar?! I really don't like this following picture at all. It is flawed. It is just wrong.

I never, ever would have RETOUCHed a back picture, except for the purposes of this blog.

Pictures are supposed to show who we are, they are supposed to show joy, sorrow, laughter, boredom or just plain life. I don't need a RETOUCH button for my life (just maybe for some pimples)


  1. LOL!! I need to do that! Kids all smiling at the same time?? That only happens to other people's kids ;) What program are you using?