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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ready for a Sunny Summer!

The weather has been simply summer-ish!
So out comes all of the outside toys and our backyard looks like it belongs to a couple of kids!
First comes out the art supplies. What better place to paint than outside in the natural light.

And now that Nickolas realizes that he can actually walk around in the play house, it is his favorite place to be. Nick has full freedom inside that house. The two of them can actually play together outside! And not just sitting in the sandbox.

There is playing baseball!
We have a gazebo, and Katheryn likes to run around the bases. That is actually how we spent Mothers Day!
I had to buy a t-ball stand when I found out I am a horrible pitcher - if I didn't hit Katheryn with the ball, I was too high/too low/too wide!

 Nickolas really happy to hit the ball, I'm still teaching him the right side of the bat!

Nick was actually just really happy to stand at the T-ball thing in his walker.

He was significantly less happy when he realized I wanted him to walk on the grass with his walker!
This is his 'ha ha I'm getting down' face... "NO WALK"

The slide is another great toy that is perfect for the kids this summer too!
Katheryn has loved the slide right from the beginning, Nickolas was never that sure about it.

Now he climbs up himself, slides down, then crawls around and climbs back up.
I'm counting this as physiotherapy.

And what better way to end a nice spring/summer day than to pass out halfway up the couch!


  1. Lol at Nick sleeping like that...he must have been knackered! Looks like both kids had a blast.

    And I have been debating whether to get Caitlin a playhouse for a year now, wasn't sure if she would benefit from it but after reading this I'm about to buy one online, caitlin has you to thank lol. Long may the summer weather continue!

  2. AH, LOL!! Passed out on the couch like that, for real? TOO FUNNY!! That's totally PT, there. I'd count that as a workout for myself ;)