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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Helmets on!

Katheryn has been asking to go on her bike for a couple of weeks now. We live on a bit of a slope so I wasn't sure about letter her out on the road. I have pictures in my head of her losing control and carshing into parked cars or something. I grew up on a court, all safe and flat. 
We brought her trike over to daycare and let her trike home.

We pulled out Nick's trike and helmet as well.

Nickolas has really grown since the last time he was on this trike (it is one of the ones you can put baby's in - it has lots of levels. I need to find some kind of velcro or something so his feet can stay on the pedals. But Nick was soooo happy to be one a bike just like Katheryn!

We discovered that his helmet is too small!
And I don't want to force it with his shunt - even just putting it on makes me nervous (Nick's shunt is just above his temple - right where the helmet goes)

Katheryn has also outgrown her helmet - and her trike.
Kyle and I had no clue when you are supposed to upgrade to a bike. Apparently it's 4 years.

So I guess that is on our shopping list!

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