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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sibling Conductive Education

This semester of conductive education we are the only ones in the group. Which means that we have lost some of the group aspects that I like.
But it also means that I was able to bring Katheryn with us on one of the days she wasn't in daycare.
So Nickolas created his own little group.

The theme this week was learning about a dentist. Look at that concentration! I wish he spent this much time brushing his own teeth!

It was obviously a tongue-out kind of day.
Lots of thinking (and working)

One of the newest things we have been doing is getting Nickolas to walk between 2 of the plinths holding a rope.

The rope (of course) is not as stable as a table or chair (or walker) and it gives Nickolas that support he feels he needs while also getting him to work on his balance.

Katheryn really just wanted to do a puppet show.
She had us sit as an audience (and of course Nick had to walk to our seats - with his 'sticks') and she did a little show.

Then to top it all off, Nick decided that he really did want to walk in his walker - all the way down the hall and around the corner - almost to the front door!

We've signed up for the summer session of conductive education.
We had originally planned on attending the parent/child session for kids under 3. But Abigail thinks that he is ready for the older group. So in July Nickolas will be attending by himself in the 3-8 years group.
They think that it will be a great fit for him with kids who are doing the same things that he is doing.

I am a little nervous about leaving him. But I know it will be good for him.
Hope it'll be good for mommy too!

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