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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pizza Party Fun!

The kids love pizza. And with miss-pickiest-eater-ever! we try to do things the healthier way.

And of course to make it fun!

I have never actually done the whole pizza dough thing, so I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out.
And yes I had images of me tossing the dough up in the air, but that didn't happen (or at least it didn't happen twice)

Everyone got 1/3 of the pizza, and got to put whatever toppings they wanted on it.

 I think the cheese was the favorite part!


 Now it's time for the oven

20 minutes later and it was perfect!

Maybe a little hot still
Nick is blowing on the pizza to cool it down.

Just thought I'd share a little fun family time!
Nickolas still needs to be in his booster seat (we actually converted the high-chair to a booster seat during these pictures). But he wants to be in the big chairs like Katheryn! I'm still paranoid he'll get tired and fall out, so we are taking some baby steps to get there.

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