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Monday, April 30, 2012

Stepping again

We went out to Bloorview this morning and got Nick's orthodics all fixed up!

Very high tech way to figure out where the AFO was rubbing. He put lipstick on Nick's heel, put the AFO on and voila! Nickle sized lipstick mark on the AFO!
So that got adjusted.
Nick also got some cool blue straps (instead of white ones).

These AFO's have given us trouble. First bruising at the top - so he has some blue padding to protect from that, then some red marks on the toes - again some blue padding, finally twice we've had rubbing on his heal.

Leslie (our orthodics guy) said that if it happens again we'll probably have to fit him for a whole new set of AFOs. I don't know if I'll be upset about that!
I actually already have some ideas for a design.

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